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Inspires – Creation of a network linking female refugees with football actors and CSOs 

Monaliiku has been participating in the “Inspires project meeting” in Amsterdam at the end of January 2023 to discuss the next steps of this project.  

Inspires, short name for “INtegration through SPort and Inclusion for Refugees in Europe for Sustainability” is a project that runs since January 2021 and until December 2023. It is coordinated by Fare network with five partners : Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti Aps – UISP and GEA – Societa’ Cooperativa Sociale, from Italy; Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. from Germany, Organisation Earth from Greece and us, Monaliiku.  

The project’s goal is to create a new network linking female refugees with football actors and CSOs willing/able to act as organisers, contributors and leaders in integration and social inclusion of refugees in EU. It will develop, pilot and foster practical solutions to support actors in football and CSOs to be able to implement football projects and activities that develop a refined understanding of the challenges, and opportunities, that sport has in the integration of refugees, with a focus on female refugees. The project, through the organisation of local sport activities, national tournaments and by involving volunteer refugee women in the preparation phase, will promote and increase cooperation between refugees and host communities, the practice of sport activities and the benefits that arise among the refugees. 

IRTS Ukraine Nordic – Integration and learning with sport and play for Ukrainian children 

At the beginning of February 2023, Monaliiku participated into the kick of meeting for the project “Integration and learning through sport and play for Ukrainian children in the Nordics (also named IRTS Ukraine Nordic)” in Copenhagen. This project is coordinated by International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) with the help of Dansk Skoleidraet from Denmark, Viken Idrettskrets from Norway, UMFÍ - Ungmennafélag Íslands from Iceland and us, Monaliiku. 

The overall objective of this project is to provide integration and learning opportunities for Ukrainians through sport in the Nordic countries, by sharing and developing scalable, targeted, hands-on and sharing with a wider group of stakeholders. The project is exactly targeting children and young people, both Ukrainian refugees, and their Nordic peers.  

Through the inclusive activities, the project will facilitate their welfare, health and involvement. Using play, games and physical activities as a driver for learning and inclusion, is creating an equal open and shared space to engage for both boys and girls. All activities will be involving both girls and boys and will enable a respectful and positive engagement and dialogue across genders (as well as cultural and social backgrounds). The main focus is to create non-competitive activities that facilitate fun experiences, participation and learning thus contributing also to gender equality and positive perceptions in that regard. 

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