Monaliiku- Well-Being and Sports for Multicultural Women is a unique non-governmental organization revolutionizing multicultural women’s social inclusion by providing them with opportunities to take more active role in the society.  

We work for the enhanced wellbeing for women and girls regardless of their background, religion or nationality.  

Based on our values we aim to enhance the equality of sexes, equal opportunities of women, health and well-being. Moreover, we strive against discrimination in the society.  

The core values of the organization include: 

  • trust 
  • sports and exercise 
  • respect 
  • knowledge and professionalism 
  • networking 
  • support 
  • change 
  • communication skills 

We encounter women from all around the globe from a variety of backgrounds daily and reach approximately 250 women and their families a week. We provide multicultural women with a safe environment for exercise and sports. Our professional staff and volunteers provide help with finding the right form of exercise suitable for every individual.  

Being passionate about our mission means that we care and put a lot of heart into our work. Our community has different experience and knowledge about migration, sports and exercise. Finding solutions is always a process involving every stakeholder. Thus, there are multiple right solutions. We work tirelessly to improve our work and respond to evolving needs. Low threshold in our activities means developing simple solutions for more inclusion without compromising with quality, standards or principles.  

Projects and sports groups 

FIT4LIFE (Elämäni Kunnossa) 

Monaliiku’s most established project FIT4LIFE provides a comprehensive solution for the promotion of health, prevention of discrimination, the social well-being and improving the quality of life of migrant women by creating a network of multiple actors. The project provides the participants with the opportunity to participate in an exercise group once a week. In addition, they may take part in health assessments, health and well-being discussion panels led by professionals and cooking courses.  

Read more about FIT4LIFE 

Mentor on the Move 

Mentor on the Move is an active mentoring program with an aim of enhancing the overall well-being, employment and social inclusion of migrant women by integrating sports and mentoring into the daily life of the participants. Exercise and sports provide a platform for mentoring. At the beginning the participants an all-encompassing training to mentoring and  the program provides resources to try new sports and take part in sports events.  

Read more about Mentor on the Move 

Walk to Museums 

Walk to Museums is a combination of physical exercise (in this instance walking) and exploring important cultural areas of Helsinki. The aim of the project is to encourage multicultural women to walk and familiarize with the use of the culture amenities. This may increase migrant women’s physical activity, feeling of social inclusion in their local community, and empowerment. 

Read more about Walk to Museums 


Kamuset is a project with an aim of increasing the opportunities of families with migrant background to participate in the activities of sports associations. The project recognizes the need to increase the participation of young girls and women.  

Read more about Kamuset 

Sports groups and events 

We offer a variety of sports groups suitable for everyone from beginners to more advanced. Find out more about our sports groups and join!  

In addition Monaliiku arranges sports events bringing together people from variety of backgrounds. 

Become a member 

Want to support the well-being, social inclusion and equal opportunities of multicultural women? Fantastic! We are actively looking to increase the volume of our members. Anyone (a person or an organization) agreeing with the purpose and rules of the organization may become a member of Monaliiku. Fill out the form and apply here. 


Private person: 10€/year 

Organizations: 20€/year 

” Bringing people together and enhancing well-being  with sports and exercise”