Mentor on the Move: the networks' importance


One of Mentor on the Move's main goals is to build social networks. Social network consists of a certain group that can be built consciously and goal-oriented. The network has a goal that guides its development and operation. Often network members also have their own goals, their own agreed roles and responsibilities.

With networks' help you can:

- find partners, peer support and new customers 
- build a company image and expert profile
- create cooperation in marketing communications.

The network can be used to seek strategic benefits through alliances, strengthen competitive advantage or know-how. A social network can act as "social capital" - someone always knows someone, and it can be helpful to be known.

There is power in networking because people interact, share many different interests, share good content and thus create genuine added value around different themes.

*When the network is strong, instead of self-interest, common benefit is sought.*

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