Mentor on the Move: successful stories of mentoring


Our mentoring program, Mentor on the Move, is one of our most important projects. It promotes the health, social well-being and professional skills of immigrant women through exercise and pair mentoring.

With this project, we have helped many migrant women living in Finland to fulfill their wishes. Weather it was overcoming the fear of water, heights or finding a job. 

Below this text, you can read four successful stories of mentoring from 2020-2021. And many more are to come!

Aya and Sari - 2020 

Aya and Sari became mentoring pair in the autumn 2020.

For Aya it was clear she wanted to learn how to swim but she didn't have courage to look for the swimming course or go to the swimming pool because she had never been there. Sari and Aya went together three times just to see how the swimming pool and hall looked like.

With Sari’s support Aya got the courage to sign in for the swimming courses. 

Hiba and Annika - 2020 

Hiba has been living in Finland for 4 years and she wanted to get a job. Annika and Hiba did a plan with the objective on how Annika can support Hiba’s job applications.

They stated to update Hiba’s resume after mentoring meetings and to practice together job interviews situations. It felt hard sometimes but both were very motivated. Hiba insisted she wanted to learn everything needed.

One week before the final event, Hiba sent a text message for Annika and the coordinator informing them she has got a job. 

Maria and Amina – 2021 

Maria and Amina were both afraid of highs and avoided lifts, high places like bridges and towers. Together, they decided to overcome their fear while their mentoring meetings and went once for really high bridge in Helsinki.

They were both shaking and holding each other hands but they walked throw the bridge multiple times, until both of them felt more comfortable. 

Fatima and Suvi - 2021 

Fatima and Suvi got started slowly because Suvi hurt her leg in the beginning of the program. After Suvi recovered, she and Fatima started to meet two times per month.

Fatima had written as an objective plan that she wanted to get a job in elderly care of nursing. Suvi had a large network for her own and she started practicing job interviews with Fatima so she would be prepared. Suvi posted on her LinkedIn account that she had a friend who was looking for job in chosen fields.

Thanks to that, Fatima got two interviews. She got the second one and started working in elderly care in spring 2022. 

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