Looking for volunteers in Helsinki!


Bridge to sport is a project created to support the inclusion of migrants and people with migrant background in sport clubs as volunteers and, at the same time, to cover the current need of volunteers that clubs faced.

Are you passionate about sport? 

To make this project a reality, we've started a volunteer recruitment campaign ! 

If you are passionate about sport or if you've just moved to Finland and want to volunteer in a sport club, this is for you! Becoming a volunteer for Bridge to Sport project is a great way to be included in the Finnish society and to feel part of a community. 

You have until May 19, 2023 to join our project! If you are interested, you can register here.

If you still have doubts on why you should become a volunteer, look this short video! 

YouTube-videon näyttäminen ei onnistunut. Tarkista markkinointievästeiden hyväksyminen ja selaimen yksityisyysasetukset.

Do you represent a sport club in Helsinki?

We are also looking for sport clubs that will be willing to join our project. If you are interested, you can fill our questionnaire here.

Thanks to Monaliiku's expertise in integrating migrant women over the past decade, we strongly believe that both volunteers and sports clubs will benefit from this initiative and that it will create a richer and more diverse community in Helsinki's sports clubs.

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