Mentor on the Move: more info about mentees


Our health-based mentoring activity, called Mentor on the Move, aims to support the integration of women and prevent their marginalization in the society by integrating physical exercise into everyday life and building their networks. 

Who can be a mentee?

A mentee is a woman who just moved to Finland. Mentees are usually less experienced individuals looking for guidance, support or information with the support of another. 

What is a "good mentee"? 

A good mentee is motivated and committed to the control process; open and brave but also willing to take responsibility for her own development and growth. Mentees should know how to communicate their expectations verbally and non-verbally to their mentor and they actively take care of mentor meetings implementation.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

With mentoring, mentees benefit from skill development throught their mentor. They don't have to learn everything on the own: they get a model of identification. 

Thanks to mentoring, mentee's networks expand and career development accelerates. Mentees receive feedback and their ideas are evaluated in problem solving. Their self-esteem is also helped to grow and strengthen to dare to take risks.

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