Registration (English)

Registration to Fit4Life Groups Spring 2023

NOTE! Registeration closess on 19.1.2023

Note! You can only register to one group. Please, register only if you are able to commit to the group activities. Committing to the group activities means that you will participate every time (once a week), except if you have a good reason to be away. You must inform the instructor about non-attendance.

Registration Fit4Life Spring 2023

1. To which group do you want to register?
If there is no space in the group you chose previously, do you want to register to another group?
11. Mother tongue
14. Occupation
15. Do you need child-care during the group activities?
17. Have you participated in a Fit4Life group before?
18. Why do you want to participate specifically in a Fit4Life activity?
19. Your level of Finnish language
22. Are you ready to commit to participate to the group's activities? - Once a week until the end of the year (a break in the summer)